Diversity & inclusion

Coody is a purpose-driven company, using our strong values and beliefs to guide us in our strategies as well as our everyday decisions. We believe in an inclusive culture where everyone feels empowered to share their full selves, where everyone feels like they belong.


Our values are informed and influenced by every coworker of the Coody family.

For us – this is more than just words. These principles guide all decision making, serving as the path for us to follow to achieve our goals and mission. These values help us build trust with customers, partners, and even amongst ourselves, ensuring that we are the same company that stands for the same things no matter the angle viewed from.

We believe in maintaining that relentlessly resourceful start-up spirit. Complacency is our enemy – we take smart risks and set the bar high as we continually serve our customers in thinking, building and tweaking. We always try to stay receptive and flexible to adapt and act on what we observe. We work hard to find the best way to get things done, even if it’s not the most obvious way. And then we do it again and again.

When we win, we celebrate the success together. When we fail, we celebrate the new valuable information that we learned and the progress. Failure is an natural part of our process. It’s the best indication that we’re trying something new, that we’re reaching for what’s next. And an undesirable outcome doesn’t mean that the wrong decision was made – it means we took an informed risk, as you must when pursuing something new. If it worked, we would’ve won big. If it didn’t, that’s ok. We move on, keep trying, and give each other the freedom to fail again. We don’t fear mistakes but we refuse to repeat them.

We believe in an inclusive culture where everyone feels empowered to be and share their full selves, where everyone belongs. A culture where innovative, passionate, and playful people can grow, have fun, and do their best work. A culture that develops and deepens with every new team member but always stays true to our core values.

Diversity & belonging

A workplace for everyone

At Coody we don’t only want you to work here, we want you to belong here. You are welcome at Coody for who you are, no matter where you come from or what you look like. Our goal is to be a workplace for everyone. We also know with pride that the greatest ideas are born from our differences. The more voices we have represented and amplified in our business, the more we will all thrive, contribute, and be brilliant.

So bring us your personal experience, your perspectives, and your background. It’s in our differences that we will find the power to keep revolutionizing the consulting industry.

Equity for equal outcome

Through all of our work on belonging, we aim to reduce the barriers that prevent everyone from moving ahead and being their own best. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all idea does not, in reality, create a fairer system and that different tactics are sometimes needed in order to support different groups. And that regardless of what role we do, we all play a part in creating equity for all.

[Equality simply means everyone is treated the same exact way, regardless of need or any other individual difference. Equity, on the other hand, means everyone is provided with what they need to succeed.]

Removing the stigma on mental health

We believe that sharing heals the hearth and soul. By talking about mental health, and being open about our experiences, we can create a culture where no-one suffers in silence. If someone’s not well in life, they’re unlikely to be well at work. We don’t want our people to hide behind a happy face – we want our culture to be a place where everyone feels like they can tell their manager and their team if they’re not okay. And, without judgement, get the support they need. 

We aim to do three things: raise awareness and remove stigma, provide proactive self-care and professional support, and normalize the conversation surrounding mental health. We believe all three need to happen at the same time to make a meaningful impact on our culture and our people.

The practice - 2026 agenda

We are committed to build an organisation that unlocks the potential of human creativity by accelerating a diverse culture where everyone belongs. We practice this through:

→ The hiring process
Where recruiters and managers both work in diversified teams and are trained in diversed recruitment.

→ Our managers
Who are both working in diversified teams and are being trained in diversified hiring.

Goals for 2026

In 2026 Coody is an equal workplace where everyone feels at home.

We’re building a team consisting of 100 most passionate tech people in Sweden by 2028. To convert our values, mission and belief into practice we have set a number of goals to reach until 2026. To make sure we’re on the right path and that we live what we preach – we aim to reflect the world around us.

The team in 2025

➞ 30 % foreign origin
➞ 30 % women in the team

Management & Leadership in 2025

➞ 30 % foreign origin
➞ 50 % gender equality